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What's Our Philosophy?

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

At Grassroots Early Learning Centre, our main philosophy is to inspire children through purposeful, fun education.

With our philosophy on learning coming from the Steiner theory which is is based on the idea that a child's moral, spiritual and creative sides need as much attention as their intellect.

A 2018 survey of parents showed 87% of parents are satisfied with choosing a Steiner school – one of the highest levels of satisfaction amongst parents in any educational system. Students spoke passionately about being happy and fulfilled and having strong relationships with their teachers and fellow students.

Want To Learn More About Us?

For more information visit our page here -> Grassroots Early Learning Centre About Us PH. 0755 337 096 or

Click the link to see if you qualify for--> FREE Childcare & Holiday Care. Grassroots Early Learning Centre is located at 1 Howard Hughes Court, Maudsland if you would like to arrange a tour.

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