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The federal government says it will make Australian childcare services free during the coronavirus crisis, with priority given to parents who need to continue working. It is promoting its plan as a way to help childcare centres remain open and viable through the crisis. It also says parents who choose to keep their children at home during the pandemic can remain enrolled without paying fees and keep their place for when the crisis is over.


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The Government has halted FREE CHildcare as of 13th JULY 2020 to find out more information please contact us directly.

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Childcare Announcement


Frequently asked questions

What did the government announce about Childcare?

From 6 April, the government will start making payments to childcare centres at the rate of about 50% of the usual fees.

Under the new scheme, what fees will I be charged?

In return for receiving the new government payments, childcare services will be required to ensure families are not charged a fee, including an out-of-pocket or gap fee.

What if my childcare service usually charges more than the hourly fee cap?

Again, childcare services that continue operating will be required not to charge families any fee at all.

What happens to the childcare subsidy I was receiving?

The government will provide the new funding directly to childcare operators. During the new arrangements, the existing childcare subsidy (CCS) and additional childcare subsidy (ACCS) payments will not apply. This means those who send their children to childcare will pay no fees directly.

Will fees be reimbursed or just not taken from parents?

The new funding goes directly to childcare centres. You should not have to pay the centre a fee once the new system kicks in next week.

Is it really free for everyone, or are the existing means-testing arrangements still in place?

The education minister, Dan Tehan, has said the means-testing arrangements are no longer in place, because the government wants to ensure everyone who is working and needs to access care during the coronavirus disruption can do so.

Will my child’s centre remain open?

In return for the new funding, services will be subject to a range of conditions, including that they “stay open unless closed on public health advice or for other health and safety reasons”. Services that make a business decision to close are not eligible for the new funding.

Can I increase my child’s days in care now?

Families who need to increase their hours or days have been advised to discuss it with their child’s centre. The government is calling on people to show commonsense and understand that the priority will be given to those who need to be working and cannot care for their children.

I work from home – am I eligible for free childcare?

Yes, depending on the circumstances. Tehan said centres had been asked to prioritise those who need their children cared for because they are working, including when they cannot care for their children safely at home. Other priorities include vulnerable children who need continuity of care, and those who have recently been taken out of childcare. Advertisement At a media conference in Canberra, Scott Morrison said: “In this new normal that we are living in, it is no longer about entitlement. It is about need. We are calling on all Australians to think about what they need and to think about the needs of their fellow Australians who may have a greater need when it comes to calling on the many things that have been provided.”

Is there an application process? How much is at the discretion of the centre?

Parents should speak directly to our childcare operator if they have questions about how it will affect their services. There is no government application process for parents.

I cancelled my child’s enrolment in the past few weeks? Can I re-enrol?

The government is encouraging families who have terminated their enrolment since 17 February to get back in contact with their centre about restarting their arrangements. “Restarting your enrolment will not require you to send your child to childcare and it certainly won’t require you to pay a gap fee,” Tehan said. “Restarting your enrolment will, however, hold your place for that point in time when things start to normalise, and you are ready to take your child back to their centre.”

So if I keep my child enrolled but choose to keep them at home until the crisis is over, will I have to pay any fees to keep the place?

You will not have to pay fees to keep the place. From 6 April, the old rules about the number of allowable absences no longer apply. During an appearance on the ABC’s 7.30 program, Tehan was asked about parents who choose to keep their child at home and whether the place would still be available down the track when the pandemic was over. “Yes,” the minister replied.

What about BSC, ASC and Vacation Care? Is this FREE too?

Yes, this is free to all families until further notice from the Government.

How long will the Free Childcare be available?

The Federal Government is ending its temporary free childcare program on July 12, with fees to return the following day. The program was introduced during the height of the coronavirus pandemic as a measure to reduce the financial burden on essential workers. Childcare fees will resume from July 13. JobKeeper payment for childcare sector workers will end soon after on July 20. Instead, childcare services will receive a transition payment estimated at 25 per cent of revenue brought in by fees. Please visit the SMH website for more details-


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