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Fun & Creativity


Stimulate the creativity in your child by having fun with arts & crafts


Lots of instruments to inspire rhythm, and hand-eye coordination.


Playtime will be super fun with a large variety of toys for all ages.

Grassroots Early Learning Centre Gold Co

Our FarmHouse

We are super excited to welcome our new arrivals to the Grassroots early Learning Centre Farmhouse.

Your little ones will be able to make friends with ‘Benji’ our centre puppy, chickens &, guinea pigs.


The Benefits & Lessons: Animals have such inner joy and peace that we can all learn a lot from. Always reflecting unconditional love, empathy, confidence and mindfullness.

Animals also help us socialise and connect better with one another.

A roster is in development so each age group can experience the animals in a calm and safe environment under supervision along with strict hygiene protocols in place to prevent the spread of  germs & infection


Language & speech is a big stage of development that we encourage with book time, special speech activities & writing games.


We offer unique activities and strategies to help develop & nurture their numeracy and mathematical skills.

Outside Play

Plenty of shaded areas are allocated to encourage outdoor play to help develop active & healthy play.


What is Steiner inspired Learning?
A Steiner inspired education allows young children to flourish in a learning environment that is aimed towards moral growth, social consciousness and community.
Located in beautiful surroundings our centre seeks to nurture each child & connect them with nature through a very hands on learning environment.
Especially in early learning, we nurture a child’s development by promoting creative, self-directed play, as we believe that the initiative, imagination and flexibility awakened underpin later academic learning and are the basis for innovative thought in adult life.
The values brought forward in early learning education are gratitude, responsibility, collaboration, inclusivity, diversity and initiative. This education allows the growth of critical and creative thinking, social skills, with a great ability to problem solving.
A Steiner setting is a place of 'doers', and through 'work' young children learn not only social skills but develop good motor and practical skills. They 'think' with their entire physical being, experiencing and grasping the world through experiential and self-motivated activity.


Steiner perspective: ‘There are three primary virtues which we should develop in our child: gratitude, love and responsibility. These three virtues are the foundation on which the whole social life is built’ Rudolf Steiner. Education of the Child, 15/04/1923
What does this mean for your children? 

At Grassroots Early Learning Centre, we promote fun hands on learning, your child will experience learning in an exciting environment where they can learn new life skills, play with farm animals and make new friends!

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Grassroots Early Learning Centre Gold Co
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