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Kindergarten Maudsland

We’re a Steiner-influenced Kindergarten in Maudsland on the Gold Coast who offer an exciting Government-Approved Kindergarten program in a nurturing, integrated classroom surrounded by nature.

At Grassroots Early Learning Centre, we let children grow and develop at their own pace with learning strategies tailored to their individual likes and interests. Our Kindergarten program help to transition your child from home life to school-based education.

Discover the beauty of Steiner learning and give your preschool kids everything they need to help prepare them for their big adventure into primary school!

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Comprehensive Kindergarten Programs

Our amazing experienced and qualified Early Childhood Teacher has put together a fantastic Government-Approved Kindergarten program which is jam-packed with learning activities, games and lots of fun to get your little ones ready for Prep year. Perfect for 4-5 year olds, our programs follow the structure of a Steiner Kindergarten program. Children will learn in an open and loving classroom while having the freedom to enjoy our outdoor spaces with plenty of shade for play time.

Kindy kids will grow and develop their language and mathematics while being encouraged to embrace art, music, rhythm and movement – all essential skills that form the building blocks to a happy and healthy individual who appreciates the value of education.

Our fun activities aim to help children learn independent life skills and include breadmaking and a dining room for our children over 3 year olds. Our daily circle time with lit candles is a chance for everyone to unwind and envelop calmness and stillness.

We also know how busy parents are in the morning, so we provide a range of healthy kids meals for morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea every day.

Our Very Own Farm House

We’ve seen first-hand how animals can greatly assist a child’s learning and development during early childhood. That’s why we’ve got a special Farmhouse on-site with a range of friendly animals, your little ones will be able to make friends with ‘Benji’ our centre puppy, mini goat ‘Rex’, Lamb ‘Mary’, Bantam chicken &, guinea pigs.

We think that nothing inspires a sense of wonder, adventure and unconditional love in a child more than a gentle animal. Kids absolutely love engaging with our farm friends and learning basic skills such as collaboration, responsibility and most importantly, how to be kind to all animals.

All of our farm time takes place in a safe, supervised environment with highly professional educators on-hand at all times.

Grassroots Early Learning Centre Gold Co

A First-Class Kindergarten Centre In Maudsland

If you’re looking for a Kindergarten in Maudsland on the Gold Coast that will put your child’s needs first, we’re the ones for you. Vacancies are filling up fast, so get in quick! Contact us today to secure a spot or to book a guided tour of our facilities.

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