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New Arrivals In The Farm House !

We are super excited to welcome our new arrivals to the Grassroots early Learning Centre Farmhouse.

The Grassroots Early Learning Centre Farmhouse

Children’s worlds are filled with animals, both living and in pictures, stories, characters, and toys. This is why it makes sense to bring an amazing farmhouse to add a unique nurturing element to the Grassroots Early Centre where your children can benefit from engaging with our beautiful animals and learn valuable life lessons in a supervised secure, social environment that is familiar and comfortable.

Here are some great ideas to help your child learn more about animals before they visit our amazing Farmhouse and help build confidence at a young age.

Start with the basics

Start with animals your child sees most often, such as birds, cats, and dogs. Talk about the sounds they make, where they live, and things they like to do.

Teach them to be gentle

When first introducing animals remind your child to be gentle and avoid touching the animal’s face or pulling its tail or ears. Not only will this help the animal to remain calm, but it will also teach your child kindness to animals

Teach them to be safe

If you have a family pet, letting your child help with its care is an ideal way to help them learn about animals. Depending on the age of your child, this may be as simple as helping to fill the water dish or asking your older child to take the dog for a “walk” in the backyard, this will build their confidence and identify the emotions & movements of animals.

What Amazing animals will they get to play with & care for?

Your little ones will be able to make friends with Mini Goats, Mini Pigs, Bantam Chickens, Guinea Pigs and a Mini Pony!

Do you think your child would love to meet some of our animals?

Learn More About Our Farm Here-> Visit Our Farmhouse

For more information visit our page here -> Steiner Inspired Learning Program

To organize a tour simply give us a call

PH. 0755 337 096 or click the link to see if you qualify for FREE Childcare & Holiday Care. Click Here-> To See The FREE Childcare FAQ

Grassroots Early Learning Centre is located at 1 Howard Hughes Court, Maudsland if you would like to arrange a tour.

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